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“I call on every Mississippian, no matter what our race or region or party, to rise above our petty differences and build together the Mississippi our citizens deserve. Let us go forward from this time and place, unafraid to make the bold changes that will help us rise together.” – Gov. Phil Bryant​

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Gov. Bryant Releases Executive Budget Recommendation for Fiscal Year 2020

11/15/2018 in Media, News

Mississippi’s revenue continues to grow as a result of conservative policy-making. This year, revenue is projected to increase by 2.6 percent, and we have record amounts in the state’s cash reserves. Because of this growth, in Fiscal Year 2020, I recommend to the Legislature that it cut no agency’s budget and that we make investments in agencies and programs that will lead to long-term prosperity in Mississippi.​ 

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Gov. Phil Bryant Appoints Mississippi Lottery Corporation Board of Directors

10/19/2018 in Media, News

(JACKSON) – Gov. Phil Bryant appointed five members today to the Mississippi Lottery Corporation Board of Directors. The members include Dr. Cass Pennington, Philip A. Chamblee, Dr. Mike McGrevey1, Kimberly LaRosa, and Gerard Gibert.​​​​

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Gov. Phil Bryant Declares State of Emergency Related to Locally Owned Bridges

4/10/2018 in Media, News

JACKSON – Gov. Phil Bryant signed today a proclamation declaring a state of emergency that orders the Mississippi Department of Transportation to immediately close 83 locally owned bridges that have been judged deficient by the federal National Bridge Inspection Standards and the Mississippi Office of State Aid Road Construction.​ 

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Governor Phil Bryant Announces Appointments to the College Board

3/9/2018 in Media, News

Jackson, Miss. – Gov. Phil Bryant announced today he has made four appointments to the Board of Trustees of the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning.​​

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Gov. Phil Bryant Appoints Drew L. Snyder Interim Executive Director of Mississippi Division of Medicaid

12/20/2017 in Media, News

JACKSON – Gov. Phil Bryant has appointed Drew L. Snyder interim executive director of the Mississippi Division of Medicaid. Snyder will replace Dr. David Dzielak, who is retiring.

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