Opportunity Mississippi: Governor Phil Bryant’s Strategic Plan

1/6/2014 in Policy Initiatives, News

Governor Bryant Releases Statewide Strategic Plan as Part of Push for Performance-Based Budgeting Governor Phil Bryant_Opportunity Mississippi JACKSON—A longtime advocate of accountable, performance-based budgeting, Gov. Phil Bryant today released Opportunity Mississippi¬, a statewide strategic plan that outlines the governor’s goals for Mississippi and his administration’s progress toward them.​​

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Gov. Phil Bryant Unveils Education Reform Agenda

11/30/2012 in Policy Initiatives, News

Literacy Skills, Teacher Quality and School Choice among Key Focus Areas

BRANDON, Miss.—Surrounded by students, teachers and school leaders, Gov. Phil Bryant today unveiled his plan for creating meaningful improvement in Mississippi’s public education system. Bryant worked closely with a cross section of education leaders and researchers to develop the platform, “Framing Mississippi’s Future: An Agenda for Children”.​​​​​

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11/14/2012 in Policy Initiatives, News

Provides Tax Relief to Small Businesses, Prioritizes Spending, Bolsters Savings, No Tax or Fee Increases

JACKSON – Presenting his second Executive Budget Recommendation as governor, Phil Bryant provided a balanced budget plan for the state that also provides tax relief to more than 1,700 small businesses throughout Mississippi.​

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Gov. Bryant Seeks Medical School Expansion, 1,000 New Physicians

10/26/2012 in Policy Initiatives, News

BILOXI, Miss.–Expanding the University of Mississippi School of Medicine and adding 1,000 physicians to the state’s workforce are part of Gov. Phil Bryant’s vision for strengthening Mississippi’s economy by investing in health care.​

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Gov. Bryant Column: The Truths about ObamaCare in Mississippi

7/23/2012 in Policy Initiatives, News

A recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or more commonly called ObamaCare, has left many people asking what’s next – and what does it mean here in Mississippi.​

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Texas Governor Rick Perry's Senior Advisor To Meet With Lawmakers On Performance-Based Budgeting

2/22/2012 in Policy Initiatives, News

JACKSON– A top adviser to Texas governor Rick Perry will meet with budget committees of the state House and Senate, presenting members with Texas' performance-based budgeting system. Gov. Phil Bryant requested Mike Morrisey testify to Mississippi lawmakers because Texas has a well functioning perfor...​​

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Small Business: A Cornerstone of Mississippi’s Economy

2/20/2012 in Policy Initiatives, News

Small businesses are critical to Mississippi’s economy. Many people you know work at a small business or shop at one, and in Mississippi, 97 percent of employers are small businesses. More than half of all non-government workers in our state are employed by a small business. As Governor and as a tr...​​

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Mississippi’s Budget: A Broken System

2/8/2012 in Policy Initiatives, News

Mississippi’s budget is broken and must be fixed.

For too long, our state’s budget process has been wrongfully based on two factors: how much money did we spend on that item last year, and who do you know at the Capitol. ​​​​​​

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Bryant Commends House For Passage Of Bill That Protects Children

2/3/2012 in Policy Initiatives, News

JACKSON—The House overwhelmingly passed a bill Friday that protects children who may be victims of sexual abuse or forced abortion. Held Thursday evening on a procedural motion, House members approved the final measure Friday morning. House Bill 16, also known as the Child Protection Act, require...​​

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Governor Phil Bryant Gives His First State Of The State Address

1/25/2012 in Policy Initiatives, News

JACKSON – An aggressive education agenda, state budget improvements, and making Mississippi the most job friendly state in the nation were among the key principles stressed by Gov. Phil Bryant at his first State of the State Address on Tuesday. “We have begun implementing a plan that will help gr...​​

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