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“I call on every Mississippian, no matter what our race or region or party, to rise above our petty differences and build together the Mississippi our citizens deserve. Let us go forward from this time and place, unafraid to make the bold changes that will help us rise together.” – Gov. Phil Bryant​

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2017 State of the State Full Text

1/19/2017 in Media, News

Thank you, Mr. Lt. Governor, for your kind introduction.​ To you and the Speaker: Thank you for your service to the taxpayers of Mississippi, and for your friendship to me. I am equally proud of both.

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Governor’s Task Force on Teacher Preparation for Early Literacy Instruction Recommendations

11/21/2016 in Media, News

The Governor’s Task Force (GTF) on Teacher Preparation for Early Literacy Instruction was created in June 2016 by Executive Order #1380.​

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FY2018 Executive Budget Recommendation

11/15/2016 in Media, News

Beginning with my first Executive Budget Recommendation, I have stressed three guiding principles for budgeting: saving for the future, spending prudently and prioritizing the core functions of government.​This budget reflects those principles.​​​

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Gov. Phil Bryant Announces Restoration Projects

11/15/2016 in Media, News

Jackson, Miss.– Gov. Phil Bryant announced 15 restoration projects today in Biloxi. They total more than $114 million and primarily focus on water quality, marine resources and land acquisition for conservation. The majority of the funds ($60 million) target improving water quality. 

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Governor Phil Bryant Appoints John Dowdy Director of Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics

9/21/2016 in Media, News

Jackson, Miss. – Gov. Phil Bryant announced today that he has appointed John Dowdy director of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics.

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