Fourth of July 2017 Proclamation
Pine Belt State of Emergency Proclamation
Christmas Holidays 2016 Proclamation
Rescind Statewide Burn Ban
Racial Reconciliation Celebration Month 2016
Financial Literacy Month 2016
Rescinding SOE of 12-30-15
3-10-16 Flooding Proclamation
Adult Learn to Swim Month 2016
Vernon Dahmer Sr. Day 2016
Irish Heritage Month 2016
Colorectal Cancer 2016
SOE 2-23-16
Suddenly Sleepy Saturday – Narcolepsy Awareness 2016
Intellectual Developmental Disability Proclamation 2016
Physician Anesthesiologists Week 2016
Confederate Heritage Month
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Action Day 2016
Career and Technical Educational Month 2016
Spring Severe Weather Preparedness Week 2016
Operation Desert Storm Remembrance Day
Day of Giving 2016
Wildfire Prevention Month 2016
Arbor Day 2016
Gum Disease Awareness Month 2016
Connections for Cardiovasacular Health Day 2016
School Choice Week 2016
Montessori Education Week 2016
Rare Disease Day 2016
Cool & Casual MDA Proclamation 2016
National Nurses Week 2016
FY 2017 Performance Measures Report
VFW Auxiliary 2016 – Our Veterans Now and Forever Day
Ronald Reagan Day 2016
Catholic Schools Week 2016
National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month 2016
United States Secret Service Day 150 Year Anniversary
National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month 2016
School Board Member Recognition Week 2016
Adoption Awareness 2015
Family and Consumer Sciences Day
Mississippi Week for the Animals 2015
Sanctuary House
Colonial Heritage Month 2015
Color the World Orange Day – CRPS Awareness 2015
Irlen Awareness Week
Mississippi Society of Association Executives
2015 Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Holidays
Electrical Safety Month 2015
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